Lots of people went back to work this week and I almost wish I had too. This week for me was going to be a week of bumming around naked in the sunshine and possibly doing a photo shoot or at least scouting for a location or two. This weekend my mate and I were having another attempt at going camping but once again that isn’t looking likely because Sydney’s weather is a big fat ball of rain. The last couple of days I’ve watched a lot of Netflix and a few other bits and pieces. Cabin fever is setting in.

I just took myself out of the house to go and get a couple of things that I needed/wanted but after getting them it was a quick retreat home because it’s so miserable outside. I guess it’s a great opportunity to get some other bits and pieces done but as soon as you can’t go out that’s all you want to do. I’m still holding out hope for this weekend. Fingers crossed, pants off!