This post may piss people off and I’m going to be very careful how I word it because there are friends of mine who do what I’m about to blog about.

Social media is a strange and dangerous beast. Feed it too much and it grows too big and all consuming. Place too much importance on it and it will rule your life. Today is the first anniversary of the death of my housemate’s father. He’s having a bit of a blue day and of course Facebook with it’s new memory sharing thing, popped up with a poem that he’d posted the day his dad died. It’s an emotional time. Maybe my cynical side kicks in too much but grand posts to loved ones that have been lost, on social media don’t feel appropriate to me. Now everyone’s way of grieving is different and maybe it’s just their way of coping but whenever I see someone sending a message to someone they’ve lost about how much they miss them I think to myself “They aren’t on facebook. They can’t see this.” If I believe in any kind of spirituality I vaguely believe that maybe they’d be watching over you and know how much you miss them anyway. Social media isn’t the place for it.

It’s also the same with grand declarations of love. This morning I saw a photo posted by a guy I’m friends with on Facebook smooching his boyfriend with a big mushy statement and “Love you forever.” I can understand wanting to shout your love from the rooftops. I’m a romantic but under the star of cynicism. There are people I know who post these grand declarations of love every time they meet someone new. Every three weeks or so. Every time they change their status to single there is the prerequisite “babes, are you ok?” from people that barely know them. Only to be replaced in a week or two by “I’m so happy for you” when they post the next “In a Relationship” update.

Maybe I’m really just too jaded but I prefer to keep my thoughts about my departed grandparents to myself or to a nostalgic conversation with my family. I also know that with my track record, bragging about being in a relationship is a bit naive. Maybe it’s just me.