Colton Haynes is a very beautiful man with a successful career. He’s about to make a return to the Arrow TV series. Years ago Colton did a shoot with another guy for XY, a magazine aimed at young gay men. In that shoot Colton was cosied up very closely with another young hottie. In the years since it was rumoured that his PR people had tried to cover up his sexuality and remove those images from the internet. Clearly that never happened because, well the internet. Colton has never really publicly had a girlfriend or a boyfriend as far as I know. He has a really entertaining Instagram feed and has pretty much won Halloween for the last couple of years.

A tumblr user called Pornandmariah (a combination I don’t want to imagine) posted a comment on tumblr saying “When I found out Colton Haynes had a secret gay past I got so excited even though I know it makes completely no difference in my life”. A fairly harmless post and even though Colton has never confirmed which way his sexuality swings, a relatively safe post.

Colton himself reblogged the post on his own tumblr with the added comment “Was it a secret? Let’s just all enjoy life & have no regrets. :)” Well done Colton. While still not confirming anything emphatically I’d say that we have a celebrity who is comfortable with himself and is showing just how far the world has come when another celebrity doesn’t feel the need to hide anything. Now… how do I get to meet him?