So it is that another year ends. For some of my friends it’s been a struggle having lost parents and others struggling with depression. For them 2016 is a fresh start and a clean slate that will hopefully be more successful and positive.

2015 for me was a pretty good year. It wasn’t amazing but it was good. There were some really good highlights. Releasing the TRIBE series to the world in February was fun and satisfying, if not wildly successful in terms of sales. The middle of the year saw me fly off to Europe for a trip that had been on my bucket list for a very long time. Sailing nude through Croatia with a really fun bunch of guys was brilliant. Reuniting with friends in Spain after nine years without seeing each other was everything I could have hoped for and seeing Copenhagen in Summer and getting to see thousands of Vikings living in their natural habitat was spectacular.

Just recently my work gave me some financial recognition for all the work I do in the form of a raise and a promotion so that was gratifying. All in all, a pretty good year.

For 2016 my goals are to do more photography and push myself creatively. Living in Sydney I have a lot of beautiful scenes at my doorstep so seeing more of this city as a tourist and getting out and doing all those things that I never make the effort to do will be high on my agenda. Mostly 2016 will be spent having great laughs and good conversation with my dear friends and family. Let’s all be good to each other this coming year. There are enough assholes out there!

The photo above is my most “liked” photos on Instagram. People like me for photos of nude people apparently!

Update: I keep thinking of really good things that happened to me. So maybe it was a pretty amazing year after all.