This Christmas was a really good example of how my family are pretty adventurous, in a gentle way. My mother will never pack up her belongings and go camping around the country or anything like that but my parents still have a good sense of adventure.

My sister and I gave my parents gift vouchers for a Crazy Treetop Zipline Rollercoaster just north of Sydney and I plan on joining them for the ride. There is a 330m and a 1km zipline thing that does loops around trees and looks like a hell of a lot of fun. My parents are in their late 60’s and between them have had three knees replaced but they instilled a love of roller coasters in my sister and I that hasn’t faded. My niece and nephew aren’t quite as brave and my brother in law is extremely unenthusiastic about them.

So he was looking a little reluctant when my mother handed over gift vouchers to us all for a jet boat ride on Sydney Harbour. She’d also made sure it was with the only company that goes right out through the heads of the harbour into the open ocean. It’s going to be so much fun! Half the fun will be looking at my brother in law gripping very tightly.

I also got another gift voucher to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb which has been around for years but for some reason I’ve never been and done it.

Add all those to the voucher I received from my parents for my birthday to go skydiving and I’m up for a busy adventurous year! I can’t wait.

Nude Skydiving #47 from Naked Skydiving on Vimeo.