This evening I had a discussion on Hornet app with someone that shook me a bit but ultimately feels like a bit of a crazy empty threat. The person, as you can see started with a very polite greeting calling me “HIV Faggot.” Regardless of someone’s HIV status, I’d probably open with more of a “Hey mate” or “Hello”. That sets a more receptive tone with your conversation partner I’d imagine.

This is not the first time I’ve had someone on one of the hookup apps threaten that they know where I live. Last time it was someone saying I’d been giving out the wrong address and fucking people around and that the guy’s biker mates were going to come and fuck me up. If I’d been giving out the wrong address, how were they going to find me?

Tonight I would assume once again that it is someone just being a bit of a troll. Firstly I very much doubt that I’ve been chatting up anyone’s boyfriend. No one I’ve been speaking to on the apps has said anything about a boyfriend or a need to be discreet. Secondly, I’ve now removed my name from all my profiles which I naively had on there in the spirit of trust. It is really unlikely that this person had any idea of anything about me but knowing my name is intended to rattle me I’d suspect. In a move that will surprise no one, the person threatening me didn’t have any information on their profile, nor did they have a photo.

In true spineless fashion they disappeared and blocked me as soon as I said I was going to go to the police.