Two weeks ago I sent my boss an email saying I wanted to have a catch up on a couple of things. It turns out he was planning catch ups with most of the office late last week so we locked in a time and I finally got to sit down and discuss some things with him which has proven very difficult. I let him go first and he started discussing where he sees my role developing. I’ve currently been the Senior Artworker in the office responsible for putting the vast majority of our clients’ artwork together. I’m now also taking on the role of Studio Manager as well which I’m excited about and looking forward to learning about managing people and broadening my knowledge base which can only be a good thing for career opportunities.

Then we got down to the bit that I wanted to talk about. Money. I hadn’t had a pay rise in three years which while probably legal, is definitely not very kosher. He came in with an offer of a slight raise now and another in six months time. Now that might not sound bad to some people but I was in a good position to push for what I wanted and deserved, more. In the three years since my last raise I have taken on the work of two people that have left as well as my own. Granted neither of them had roles that filled their weeks so it’s not like I tripled my workload but I did increase it significantly. The work that I took over from those two also became much more consistently delivered to a high standard. Add to that the new role that I’m taking on, it really didn’t take much to get my boss to agree to the whole raise immediately. I’ll also be nagging him to stick to an annual review.

That is if I stick around for another year.