Well after yesterday’s model cancelling on me for the photo shoot, I put a call out on Facebook for another model. The Reluctant Prince nominated his mate to do the shoot and he said yes. So this morning I did the shoot I had planned for yesterday. The only problem is that I have a total crush on the guy that I photographed. He came to my place months ago when I first spoke to Reluctant Prince about his shoot and I was a smitten fool that day. Today I had him wandering around naked in front of me for a shoot that I didn’t feel prepared for. The lighting was quite tricky and the origami boats that I’d made for the shoot didn’t really work as intended. When the youtube tutorial that I used to learn how to make them, told me that they float I guess they weren’t technically lying. They do float but they float on their side. If you ever book a boating trip and the boat looks like origami, don’t get on board.

I’ve blogged in the past about how I get when I’m infatuated or crushing on someone. I go from an intelligent guy who can hold a good conversation to a dribbling fool. So take that unattainable crush (straight, 15 years younger and in a relationship) and then get them nude in front of my camera. Not a recipe for awesomeness on my behalf but I’ll download the photos later and see if we got anything I put together.

After realising the origami boats weren’t going to be a wild success in the water, once I’d finished shooting Mr Hot Crush, I then shot the boats out of the water at all sorts of different angles to try and photo shop them in later. Fingers crossed.

Aussielicious Men Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.