This morning I was supposed to be doing a photo shoot with a model that I found through Model Mayhem. He’d been keen to collaborate but hard to get a hold of through the week. Late last night a text message came through saying that he had to go help his sister who was having some serious medical issues. He was very apologetic and the situation he described doesn’t seem like the kind of thing anyone would lie about so my instinct is to believe him and just accept his reasons.

As an amateur photographer I’m at the mercy of sometimes flakey models. Unlike this guy, lots of guys just change their mind, some after the shoot. It’s a pain in the arse but until I can afford to pay professional models, then this is just something that is going to happen. I’ve put a call out on Facebook to see if anyone wants to do the same shoot I had planned. I was at the nude beach today where this morning’s shoot was supposed to be and the conditions were perfect. No wind at all, and no swell. Just perfectly calm clean water.