Keeping weight off is the curse of getting older. I used to always thing that people who got heavier as they got older were just using their age as an excuse. Now I understand. As gay men we may have more pressure to look a certain way but we are also more free to keep ourselves in shape. Far less gay men have kids than straight men in relationships so we have more time to spend on ourselves.

Everyone says cardio and in particular, running keeps weight off. It’s just such a shame that I am not built at all for running. I hate it with a passion. Even a light jog for a few minutes makes me feel like my heart is going to explode out of my chest and kill me. So it would appear that running is not my ticket to keeping weight off. Thankfully I don’t hate working out at the gym and I love doing the aerial circus so thankfully that helps keep me in the shape a little closer to what I would like.

Córrer 2 (Running 2) from Eloi Biosca on Vimeo.