Candy Ken is rapper and dj from Germany who is apparently obsessed with Hello Kitty as would appear to be very evident in this photo shoot. It’s always a surprise to see people who are in the public eye who have no qualms about getting their gear off and going full frontal as that just doesn’t happen that frequently here in Australia or in the U.S. etc but Candy is from Germany and we all know the Germans are much more relaxed about that kind of thing. Candy also looks really good nude with a beautiful body, great skin and a pretty good tan.

My problem with this series has nothing to do with Candy Ken. The photos were taken by taken by “celebrity photographer” Terry Richardson. Firstly Terry’s photos are never creative or ultimately that interesting. These photos of Candy Ken are fun but it’s almost like a drunken fancy dress party at your friend’s place that’s gone a bit out of control. How long did it take to get those stick on tattoos off his face?

What is interesting is how Terry has gotten the level of success that he has. He has been accused many times of sexually taking advantage of his models, mostly young women. There are photos in his books of him with his erect cock in model’s mouths or him nude with a young female model. I’m certain a large portion are willingly along for the ride but any professionalism goes out the window even if one of the allegations are true.