The news last week featured stories about porn star in the straight world, James Deen. He’s known as one of the hardest working guys in porn reportedly making over 200 films in one year. The news stories last week were started when an ex of his and fellow porn model, tweeted that Deen had raped her. That claim has been supported by a growing number of women that say he really enjoys degrading women and raping them. There are lots of claims of sexual assault by the women too. This post isn’t going to weigh in on whether or not I believe the claims.

I am a fan of watching straight porn from time to time but there is a lot of it that makes me feel very uneasy and James Deen has made several of these films where women are slapped and really roughly fucked as well as choked and completely degraded. Now I know a lot of that is done with the use of safe-words and agreed levels of roughness. What concerns me is that there is a demand for this kind of scenario. Bondage films, while I don’t get off on it, I can udnerstand as bondage is a role play thing and a controlled way to give up control. Who gets off on seeing people hurt in a violent way?

There is a dark psychology at work if to get aroused, you need to see your partner hurt, humiliated or degraded. Maybe I’m over thinking it but I like my sex when both of us are having fun and has the other’s pleasure in mind as well as our own. There are a lot of scenarios written about on tumblr talking about “Alpha” dominating “faggot” who has to earn alpha’s cock. I’m sorry? No. That’s just a bit messed up.