It seems to me that, if Instagram and Facebook are to be believed that all it takes to qualify as a life coach is to have a six pack. Sure someone who has a six pack probably has some good dietary and exercise discipline but it seems once you reach the holy grail of those abdominal bumps then you are also blessed with some wicked Instagram filters and all the apps necessary to post annoying motivational mini-posters.

It’s a great philosophy but no, no matter how hard or long you work, some people will never achieve their dreams. I hate to rain on your parade but I’ve tried and no matter what I did I never learnt to fly like a bird or swim like a dolphin. Just never going to happen.

Sadly, a lot of people lap that shit right up. The beautiful people have squillions of followers on social media but which came first? Did the motivational mini-posters lead to the six pack or did the six pack lead to the posters? I wonder if #livingyourbestlife translates to ever leaving the gym and sharing a wine with a good friend?