When someone pops up on Instagram that really catches your eye, why fight it? Walle Couto is that guy for me this week. He’s covered in tattoos which usually does nothing for me but that smile is so infectious and that body is ridiculous. He’s the bad boy that you date that manages to charm the pants off your mother despite all her reservations. I keep having conversations with personal trainers where they say you can train chest, for example and get bigger. Yes that’s true but no matter how much I train my chest I will never have the rounded meaty spectacular chest that guys like Walle have.

Unfortunately there is very little information that I can find about Walle on the internet apart from the fact that he thinks “Naked is a human commodity. Nudity is God’s art” and that he has a spectacular butt and a great collection of skimpy swimwear. If anyone knows about Walle, feel free to let us in on information about him.