Today I saw a comment on Facebook about Instagram that summed up everything that is wrong with social media. Social media is great when it’s used right but we are all guilty of using it badly from time to time and some people are serial offenders. A guy I know posted a status saying that when he loses followers on Instagram he has an app to find out who has unfollowed him. If he has friends that have unfollowed him then he goes and unfollows them too.

He claimed when I commented that I questioned why he did that, it was because he added all his friends to “support” them but if they aren’t going to support him then why should he support them? I’m calling bullshit. This is a man whose Instagram is 99.9% photos of himself and sees social media more like Validation Media. I suggested that maybe Instagram is a photo sharing platform and that he should follow people because he likes their photos but he didn’t agree.

Are we really so far down the rabbit hole with Validation media that friends are deleted because they don’t give you enough “likes”? Don’t get me wrong, it feels good when you get a lot of likes on an image and I’m as guilty of enjoying that as much as anyone but I unfollow people willy nilly for posting too many dog photos or food photos. If someone’s Instagram feed is entirely photos of themselves, then I usually unfollow too because the world is too big to only be taking photos of myself.

Turn that camera around and share your world, not just your face. Now, if you could all like this post and share it so I feel validated that’d be awesome, thanks.