Today is the first day of Summer here in Australia and what a day it was. The last few weeks have been very teasing here with very warm  sunny days during the working week followed by grey and wet weekends. Today is only Tuesday so who knows what will happen to the weather by the weekend but I’m optimistic there will be some good weather soon for getting my old arse out at the beach for some sunning.

Today was in the high 30’s C (over 100F) and I was grateful for the air conditioning in the office but if I’d been naked on a beach wish a sheen of sweat and being able to dive in the water I’d have been even happier. Spring hasn’t seen much in the way of beach weather when I’ve had a weekend available and we all know that I’m happiest when I’m in the sun. Thankfully our office closes for a couple of weeks from just before Christmas to early January. I will be aiming to go back to work relaxed and tanned. Maybe I’ll even finally tick that nude surfing off my bucket list.