This is Ivan. Ivan is a young model from Russia who makes me believe that the genetic lottery of life is a little unfair. Of course, I’m sure he works damn hard in the gym and has youth on his side but damn… damn damn damn he looks good. These photos by Tema Saturday were featured on the DNA Magazine blog and definitely caught my attention.

We all know I’m more partial to a clean cut, boy next door type than the bad boy type, although nothing is set in stone. Ivan has that jock boy next door down pat and serves up some flawless even all over tan which makes me very happy in the eyeballs. I’m going to jump to a conclusion that the tan is from a love of nudity due to his Russian heritage. There is a very real chance that I’m off the mark but that’s where my mind is going. Mostly because I want to see him and guys just like him walking up my local nude beach when I’m there. Please.