A mate and I were supposed to go camping this weekend at River Island, the nude camping place we try and get to a few times a summer. We seem to be having some bad luck with weather and that was the case again this weekend. It’s such a beautiful spot to go and unwind, switch off technology and just relax.

Today instead we decided we’d go for a bushwalk in the Royal National Park south of Sydney and walk down to the nude beach there even though the weather was predicted to be grey and overcast. The track down to the nude beach, once you go past a certain point, only goes to the nude beach and we decided we would walk down nude. That was probably a good idea since it was raining much more than we’d expected and it didn’t actually let up. So there was a 25 minute walk down, then we hung out down at the beach under a tree hoping for a break in the weather for 20 minutes before we gave up and walked back up in weather that was actually getting worse. Oh well, it was a good nude adventure.

We are going to aim to get to River Island again in a few weeks time but we’ll have to see how we go. This is a video I put together of one of my visits to River Island four years ago. I was a bit lighter then. If my friends are reading this, you’ll see more than you want to in this video. Turn around now.

River Island naturist reserve by Zebrileon