A guy I know from the gym has found himself in an interesting situation recently that I’m not sure is going to end well. He broke up with a partner of 2-3 years a few months ago and the ex has now moved out of the apartment. My mate has a new housemate and they are getting on really well. Possibly too well. They went out for a boozy night out with mates recently and all the friends were saying “will you two just shag and get it over with.” because they are clearly into each other.

Now my mate seems to think that they could become fuck buddies when they get really drunk and just have a shag and don’t really remember it. I’m calling that a very bad plan. I’ve lived in houses where it doesn’t phase the occupants if one of you sees the other one with a morning boner or even catches the other one having a wank. No big deal to me. Other people would find that way too confronting. I would say that if these two are attracted to each other then they should possibly go on dates and have sex if they want but don’t just be fuck buddies. That’s muddying the waters a bit too much or not quite enough. To me that would be a very awkward middle ground. Either dive right in or don’t do anything. Let’s see how this goes shall we? I’ll be waiting for updates.