I’ve just had dinner and a lovely catch up with a girl that taught me my limited lessons in trapeze many years ago. We haven’t had a chance to catch up for a couple of years and we covered all sorts of topics. Since she is newly engaged obviously relationships were covered over the course of the evening. Her previous boyfriend is a guy that a lot of people, after they broke up, said that they were only nice to him because she was with him. We also covered my awkward run in with my first boyfriend sixteen years later when I was in Spain this year.

What is it that happens to blind us to some people’s amazingly obvious flaws when we fall for them? Why is it that we can only see what they are like when we are out the other side? My first boyfriend, in my defense, showed a lot of signs of crazy very early on. He wanted to move in together after a couple of weeks and said he loved me after about one more week after that. I know couples where that has played out very successfully but I always knew he was just a short term option. It was only after we broke up that he showed me just how crazy he was. Let’s just say he had a flare for the dramatic, once telling me when he was home alone that all he could hear was the tears echoing around the house.

You know that saying, if you love someone set them free? He didn’t know how that worked. He loved me so wanted to suffocate me by being in every single aspect of my life so of course I ran the other way. In the end I had to threaten him with a restraining order. It was a shame because the crazy ones really do seem to be better in bed. They don’t have hangups and it’s all just an amusement park ride.