I’ve just sat through about a million hours of the X Factor Australia Grand Finale. It was the outcome I wanted and that was probably expected. A 19 year old guy called Cyrus from my home town of Wollongong won after a stellar performance week after week. He was by far the most commercial of the contestants in the finale and a very deserving winner.

When he was announced as the winner and finally broke free from celebrating family and contestants, he firstly thanked God which put me on edge a little which was unfair. It seems so trite when musicians thank God but then I reminded myself that I have religious friends and this was a kid who has just won his dream chance at life so he was probably just being grateful. He seems like a great, humble and articulate guy and he’s cute as hell. Fingers crossed he does well because I think he deserves it.

After that marathon finale show I think I need a lie down.