Michael B Jordan is one sexy guy. I have no idea where he first came to my attention but I know he caused some controversy by being cast in the recent disastrous remake of The Fantastic Four because he was black which didn’t sit with a lot of bigots people.

Michael is about to be seen in the new movie Creed, which allegedly is a spin off from Rocky. I’m not really that big a fan of Rocky but I might just go and watch this film because of Mr Jordan. Look at the physique he’s got going on for the film! He’s also got a twinkle in his eye and a killer smile which is always going to guarantee my interest. Allegedly he’s also a fan of a nude beach. I’ve never seen anything that confirms that he is indeed the guy in the nude photo on the beach above, but I’ve also never seen a denial so I’ll take that as a yes and go about hunting down that beach to wait… impatiently.

At 28 this year, Michael will hopefully have a long successful career ahead of him. I love that he’s not afraid of a bold red carpet choice either!