On Friday I took a day’s leave from work and went to a photography workshop run by three young photographers. There were some great technical tricks in the workshop but what I wanted to get out of it was tips on how to improve my creativity and make better use of inspiration and challenge myself to take my images further.

One of the things that I got from all three photographers, David Talley, Rob Woodcox and Kiara Rose, as well as a few other photographers is that they’ve all done quite a lot of work in the realm of self portraits. I’ve spoken about doing some self portraits before but never got around to it. So yesterday with some spare time on my hands, out came the tripod and the camera. I was starting simple, using natural light in my house and a photoshop technique to replicate the old wet plate printing techniques of photography pioneers.

While I still find it confronting to look at photos of myself too much, it was an interesting exercise in trying to create good images rather than worrying about whether I look good or not. Taking selfies at the beach, and photos of my bare butt at the beach for instagram is very different to taking a real self portrait. Now that I’ve started simply, let’s see where I can go with it.