As gay men, we have a reputation for being very sexual beings which isn’t a reputation that is entirely undeserved. Next to most of the nude beaches I’ve ever been to in my life, there is an area where men hook up. Men are more designed for quick sexual encounters than women and we over time have taken advantage of that.

Years ago when I worked out at a different gym in the CBD, it wasn’t uncommon to see guys having sly hookups in the steam room even at 7.30 in the morning. At the gym I’ve been going to for a few years, I’ve never seen anything going on. I’m sure guys check each other out. We are all human after all. This morning though a guy was there who I felt like taking aside for a little chat about subtlety. I was chatting to a mate that I see at the gym most mornings while I got ready to shower after my workout. This guy had just arrived at the gym with his bag over his shoulder. While I was undressing for the shower he was just plain staring at me. No occasional subtle glances, just staring. As I was getting in the shower and about to close my cubicle door I saw him walk naked into the cubicle opposite.

When I opened my cubicle to get my towel and start drying off he was showering opposite me with his door open and still looking. He was still thoroughly soaping himself up even after I’d dressed and was leaving the gym so I’m not sure how long he was in that shower hoping for some fun but this was all before he’d even worked out. Who knows if he was even planning on working out?