Last night at circus class I was quite distracted. There was a guy who I had not seen before training in Aerial Straps which is an apparatus I wish I’d discovered as a younger man. Why as a younger man? The straps are an apparatus that are very tough on your shoulders and I don’t think my 42 year old shoulders would cope without a lot of training that I don’t really have the time to devote. It’s a beautiful apparatus to see performed.

The guy that was training last night was, to me, really good and he did some really tough moves and made them look effortless. He was also really hot which was the other distraction. I asked one of the guys at the school who he was and they informed me that he was a straight guy who drops in from time to time. It figures. I only seem to find guys attractive if they are unavailable. This guy is straight, at least 12-15 years younger and rocking hot so that makes him very appealing to me. If I can’t have him, I’ll just watch him train and perform. By the end of my class, he was just in a pair of tights and his t-shirt had come off. It was all a lovely sight.

With my new training program at the gym I’m feeling stronger at class and that translates to being able to do things that I have been struggling with before which then makes me feel more confident as well. This morning I was photographing a model at work and he said “It looks like your new training program is working” which of course made my day. When a model/personal trainer who looks like a Viking tells you you are looking good, that is a great way to start the day.

PS the video below is sadly, not the guy in question but another seriously strong straps artist.