Tonight I came across a tumblr blog of a guy who right there in the name of his blog called himself a “bug chaser”. It’s not a term you hear much these days but it still freaks me out. Bug Chasers are HIV negative guys who actively pursue an HIV infection or “The Gift” as they call it. This guy in his blog bio said that he is “not crazy, not insane. Just taking a less traditional approach. While many try to fight the odds, I have come to terms with the inevitable conclusion and instead chase the Virus. Through the chase I lose the fear and only by embracing it can I be free.”

The talk of infection being inevitable is a concept that I’ve never quite understood. It was only inevitable if you had unprotected sex a lot in the days before PrEP and the very effective HIV medications for positive guys. These days there has to be more to it than that. In my opinion there has to be a very dark psychology at play to still be out there trying to get HIV. Someone on his blog has commented “I love that you’re chasing, it’s so beautiful to give of yourself that way.” To which the blogger replied “That’s why I wanna receive the Gift from the right guy.”  If you meet someone who is truly the right guy they wouldn’t want you to give you a lifetime infection of a disease that may not kill you but can certainly affect your health and wellbeing.

If anyone out there is, or knows a “bug chaser” I’d be really fascinated to talk to them.