If there is a trifecta of dream husband attributes a killer smile, naked tendencies and aerialist skills would be right up there. Of course they aren’t necessary in a husband, although the first two are pretty important, the third is just an awesome, flexible cherry on top. Saulo Sarmiento has all of those attributes and a rocking body to go with it.

Saulo came to my attention when I searched for some nudity related tag on Instagram and I saw one of the two nude photos above. What I wouldn’t give to see some hottie doing amazing acrobatics nude on the beach one day. When someone this talented and sexy pops up in your instagram you start to stalk follow them, obviously. Which is exactly what I did. Then Saulo popped up again yesterday in my instagram feed and I went a-googling and I realised that he is indeed a Cirque-Du-Soleil aerialist performer. He does a stunning act on the Aerial Pole which has now become my obsession and objective to learn. I wonder if he gives private classes? That routine is featured below. Enjoy.

If anyone knows Saulo, tell him I’m here waiting with my camera and/or a wedding proposal.