In the past couple of years we’ve come to realise that my nephew is very prudish. Even talking about nudity or sex makes him very uncomfortable. He described his younger sister as “crazy” because she gets changed with the door open. He’s nearly 13 years old but hasn’t hit puberty yet, this is just a default setting for him, not a new thing caused by hormones. I was very prudish growing up as well but I think this has come more from his father. Where I have clearly overcome my concerns about being seen nude, my brother in law is very very modest.

I’m not sure what my sister and her husband’s policy is about being seen nude by the kids or seeing the kids nude but they aren’t teaching him that there’s anything wrong with nudity. I hope that he becomes more comfortable with himself. He started at an all boys school this year so maybe at school camps or something there will be rowdy teenage boy nudity or goofing around in that non-sexual way that teenage straight boys do. That last part about being straight is merely an assumption based on statistics. Most of them are going to be straight despite whatever experimentation happens along the way.

It would just be a real shame for my nephew to cling to this uptight nature that he’s got going on at the moment. Let’s wait and see shall we.