How do some people have so much confidence and others of us have so little? I’m sure that for a lot of guys there is a certain amount of “fake it til you make it” going on but others are blessed with a natural self assuredness. Is it because they haven’t had someone treat them like shit and tell them they are worthless? Or is it that when people have treated them badly they haven’t let it get under their skin? I’ve taken things way too hard in the past and it’s affected my confidence and I’m still working on changing that but, even if it’s slow progress it’s better than letting it get worse.

The guy in this video, model Simon Adde clearly has confidence. In the image obsessed world we live in it’s no wonder he seems confidence. Look at him. But this video shows his cockiness. Cocky is very different to arrogance and when done right, it can be damn charming in it’s own right. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go and google mister Adde.

SIMON ADDE from Bashkam Filmz on Vimeo.