Last weekend I submitted some photos to Dylan Rosser’s website Themaleform. I’ve had one model featured on there before but now, after they turned down the photos of this latest model I’ve photographed three guys for the site with only one successfully making the cut. They didn’t think his look was right for the site which I understand.

My frustration is not with the site at all but rather trying to find guys willing to shoot frontal. I understand people’s reluctance to do it because of the possibility of it hindering work opportunities etc but I’m quite stunned at how few Sydney guys are willing. Surely 99% of guys in this town, full of hot gym obsessed guys, aren’t aspiring to political careers or overwhelmingly shy?

I’m putting the call out. If anyone knows any guys in Sydney or nearby who have a great body and a great look and would be willing to shoot frontal, put them in touch. They don’t have to be gay guys but they have to be ok with being featured nude on a site aimed at gay men.