Ten years ago yesterday I started blogging. Blogging was fairly new and had come to my attention through reports of a gay man running a blog from Baghdad which was at the time a war zone. One of the few blogs I still read today, Towleroad was new to the scene and pioneering blogging. I thought it might be a nice way for friends overseas to stay in touch with what I was up to.

That all changed when a couple of drunk guys were surfing nude in the rain one day at the beach I was doing lifesaving patrols at who inspired me to start the public nudity challenge. A few months into the challenge someone asked when I was going to do a public nude shot. So being the competitive thing I can be at times I took a photo on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, nearly being caught by police in the process. A day or so later Fleshbot posted a link to that post and I got 13,000 hits in one day which settled in to a very surprising 7,500 per day for a long time.

Blogging over the years has changed and evolved, also being impacted by the advent of twitter, tumblr and facebook. Nowadays Aussielicious gets just over 1,000 per day I think. I’m surprised I’ve lasted this long and there have been moments where I’ve thought about giving up on it but it is fun to do. I hope that everyone who visits this site gets something out of it, besides just a perve. Thank you for all the laughs and the fun.