Sometimes the written word is very easy to misinterpret. Last week’s post about different approaches to sex is a great case in point. The person who inspired it through chats on Scruff feels like I’ve misrepresented myself and him with the post but “loves the post” anyway. Clearly that’s not the case.

Nowhere in the post did I ever intend to be morally superior because I don’t have a lot of casual sex. I do have casual sex but not very often and it’s not from any moral objection at all. It’s because I have zero confidence. When I do go on Scruff or Grindr I’m usually after something quick and uncomplicated like a bit of blow job fun. As the guy has pointed out in his comment, when we started chatting that’s exactly what I was looking for. I dispute his use of the word “desperate” but definitely keen and horny.

The man in question is also disputing my implication that he only has random hookups. That was the impression I got from him and I apologise if I got that wrong but again there was no judgement involved. He had actually said to me that he doesn’t like complications but apparently that doesn’t mean random. It means he has some regular playmates.

To be honest I don’t feel like I owe any clarification as I offered it and he said not to worry but now a week later there is a comment that sounds pissed off and judgemental in return so here is the clarification. I’m not going to slut shame anyone. I’m jealous of people that are more comfortable with casual sex than I am. Go out and have at it I say, just look after yourselves.