Work today was a bit of a drag. There isn’t a lot of activity happening at the moment and there were a few people missing from the office for a variety of reasons. So today I spent quite a bit of time watching youtube videos on photography getting tips and tricks.

My personal photography has been a bit slow of late and I’m not sure of the direction I want to go but I do know I want to push myself. For some unknown reason I’ve had it in my head to work on one series from start to finish and haven’t given myself the freedom to play with a few different ideas at a time but that’s going to stop. I’ve got vague ideas for a few different things that I think will be fun and being personal work, I don’t have to put a timeline on any of them.

One of the videos I watched today was a behind the scenes video with Annie Leibovitz shooting for Moncler. Annie is a master at her craft and watching her work is inspiring. The budget on this campaign must have been enormous as I heard many years ago (about 12 years ago) that she commands $50,000 per day, has close to ten assistants and truckloads of equipment “just in case”. Take all that to Iceland for a shoot and this would have cost a fortune. Oh to have that kind of budget. Unfortunately though, having a client to please often means a lack of freedom.