I’ve had a bit of a blah week at work. Nothing wildly bad just not a great week and for some reason today, even though it’s the weekend I’ve been in a flat mood. I have no idea why but I do know I don’t enjoy it. So, I’ve just cranked up some fun music and actually started cleaning this house. My housemate isn’t great at cleaning and neither am I but I have hit my threshold and I thought a clean floor would help.

Any time Kylie releases new music, that puts a smile on my face too. This song has been out for a while now but the video only dropped this week. Kylie Minogue and Jake Shears are really good friends and obviously have a good time hanging out together. Add them to a Nervo track and it’s guaranteed fun. Nervo are a couple of Aussie DJ twin sisters and producers and this song is from their album Collateral.

Jake Shears looks like he’d be great fun to have at a party and my life would be complete if I got to hang out with Kylie, we all know that.

Thankfully, a mate is coming over to hang out in a couple of hours, so I’m going to get some beer and work out what we’ll do for dinner and hopefully have a good, relaxed but cheerful evening.