Every now and then here on Aussielicious I get gentle accusations of racism because I don’t use photos of non-white guys very often. I dispute the racism accusations, gentle as they are, but I would agree that the men featured here are mostly white but here’s why.

Last night when I was looking for images of couples kissing for my post on different approaches to sex, I went to one of my go-to tumblr blogs and in the first 8 pages there wasn’t one photo of a mixed-race couple or even a couple of colour. All white. There are lots of porn images out there featuring black men and latin guys but just happy-couple kind of photos seem to almost exclusively be white. Granted I don’t spend hours looking for images. This blog is something I do after work in my spare time.

I have noticed that on tumblr there is a racial divide. There are blogs devoted to gorgeous black men, mostly very sexual in nature, and there are blogs devoted to white guys and there are blogs devoted to asian guys. It’s a bit sad that we are still dividing everyone up into their categories so neatly.