Circus class tonight was a lot of fun and completely exhausting. There was one moment that I was getting frustrated with myself but our teacher is a scarily intelligent young guy and also very good at aerials and he gave me a simple pointer and it turned my whole class around. It was a bit of a breakthrough for a few different tricks as this one move that I was struggling with applies to a few different things along the way.

The really exciting part was success on another trick. There is a trick that I’ve wanted to do for years and while all the professional aerialists make it look very simple, it’s far from it. My arms are probably going to be completely bruised tomorrow but in a very strength based move, I pushed from standing up to a straight arm handstand on the silks. It’s bloody hard and it didn’t look pretty but it’s the first step in learning to do a roll-up where the fabric wraps around your arms as you roll over and over on your way up. It’s going to bruise the hell out of me and hurt but it’s going to be so satisfying if I get it.

I’ve been doing a new training program at the gym and it feels like it’s burning some fat off while increasing my strength even though it’s just weights. It’s killing me but I’m actually enjoying it and it seems to be paying off. Feeling good is a great side effect.