The sporting world got another gay role model this week. Gus Kenworthy first made headlines with his success at the Sochi Winter Olympics and with his attempts to rescue stray dogs in the area at the time.

Gus this week came out publicly about his sexuality but has said that he didn’t do it at the time of the Winter Olympics because his family didn’t know and he didn’t want to make any big political statements about Russia and their new very anti-gay laws. Now it seems he’s more than happy for the world to know. He has said there were temptations when he crossed the finish line in his event to go and kiss his boyfriend but that would have been too much for everyone to handle.

It would also seem that Gus, as well as being very handsome, is quite comfortable dropping his trousers. That is a quality we very much appreciate here on the pages of Aussielicious. He’s been posting photos of his lovely butt on Instagram of late and for that, we are very grateful.

Congratulations Gus!