There is a photographer that I’ve come across recently, who has been posting behind the scenes style videos on vimeo. In the videos he puts a GoPro camera on his head so that as the viewer, you are seeing his point of view. Sounds like a good idea and it could be, but as a photographer you are constantly turning your head to the side and moving around, looking up and looking down which makes for a very wobbly and seasick inducing video. That’s not my problem with what I’ve seen.

As a gay photographer you have to earn and keep the trust of the model. My last model had never done a photo shoot before and is a young straight guy, so if I’d been in any way inappropriate, he would have ended the photo shoot immediately, if not punched me in the face. Both would have been suitable options. I’ve heard lots of stories of photographers inappropriately touching models, or trying to with no regard to the model’s wishes or even sexuality.

In one of the videos the photographer has done some (terrible) bodypainting on the model and the video is obviously after the actual photo shoot. The model is in the shower getting the paint off but for some unknown reason the photographer, GoPro on his head filming, is washing the model… on the front. He even runs his hand blatantly over the genitals of the model. In another video he’s putting some kind of lotion on the model. That in itself isn’t unusual. Models are often oiled up or something for a bit of sheen but the photographer only puts it on the model’s butt, blatantly caressing his arse and nothing else. He even runs his hand very intimately up into the model’s butt crack.

Now I don’t know the actual reputation of this photographer or what any of these models thought of what was going on. Some models wouldn’t have the confidence to say no to something like that. Some may welcome it but I know that from watching his videos I would probably warn models about collaborating with him.

Aussielicious TV – Episode 3 from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.