These guys are gymnasts and parkour fiends. Clearly they have a better bond with the movement of their bodies than most but this video just looks like so much fun. There is a certain youthful exuberance and fearlessness with guys of this age bracket (20’s-early 30’s) that tends to diminish as you get older and joints start to hurt more.

This video popped up on facebook yesterday and captured my attention, as well as the attention of some of my friends. Not only because there are some pretty darned fine bodies on display but for the sheer crazy fun they are having. The guy that is hosing himself down at the start in slow motion, when he’s doing flips etc always seems to land when he crashes, with his legs over his head and wide apart. Now it’s probably just me projecting wishful thinking but it seems to be his natural reflex, and that should be encouraged.

The main question is, where is the nude version?