Reports have come out this week from the Flaming Lips, a band that Miley Cyrus worked with on her latest free album, that they are going to do a bit of a tour and that one of those shows on the tour will be nude. Nude as in Miley and the Flaming Lips and the entire audience. That sounds like a lot of fun. There was one aspect that sounded a little dodgy and that was the audience was going to be showered in a milky fluid.

I get that Miley likes to shock and on her latest album she sings about jizz more than anyone I’ve ever heard and in the latest video she looks like she’s had a glitter bukkake which is all well and good but I do wonder if she’s broadening horizons or just putting people off. The nude concert sounds awesome though. I love when I hear celebrities talking about loving being nude or just doing things to “expose” the rest of the world to nudity. More of it, I say!