I’ve just returned from down the south coast to go to the wedding of a family friend. It was quite a lavish wedding and there were over 180 people there. Out of that number there were precisely three confirmed and one suspected gay man and one vaguely possible lesbian (another family friend). The happy couple are in their early thirties and live in Sydney. They are worldly people who have travelled a lot yet somehow don’t have many gay friends. One of the other confirmed gay men is also a family friend and the brother of the bride.

Statistically speaking, even allowing for the fact that social groups tend to be made up of similar people, there should have been a couple more of “the gays” there surely?

What was really good to see was the Groom and his mates, all around 30 years old, nearly all with girlfriends, being affectionate with each other. Yes there were lots of drunken bro-hugs etc but they were also sitting on each others laps, putting their arms around each other affectionately and when all the dancing started they even grabbed each other by the hand and went up and danced together. There was no confusion of sexuality but no hangups about masculinity or boundaries either. Very refreshing.

Nick+Kirk Wedding in Ibiza from Wallaby Way on Vimeo.