The photos are grainy but they are pretty clearly Beiber and he’s wandering around completely un-selfconscious. The Beibs is/was in Bora Bora and wandered out of his private accommodation to his private pool. Posting these photos does break my rules about posting photos of people that don’t know they are being taken but then again, it’s unlikely that Beiber didn’t at least suspect paparazzi would be there. He’s clearly not fussed if people see him nude after these shots and the shot he himself posted online a while ago nude on a boat from behind.

In a couple of these new photos there is a girl in a bath robe who walks out behind him and she can be seen inside the villa as well. Whoever she is, Justin clearly wanted to impress and who doesn’t love a bit of a post coital skinny dip?

Justin isn’t someone that earns a lot of respect outside his derange Belieber fanbase but he might have just earnt a bit of respect from the nudist world, especially the nudist community.