Today is my birthday. I’ve now had 42 of them. So let’s call it the second coming of my 21st. It was sadly just another day at work made a bit (read very) uncomfortable by the fact that my lower back has gone into spasm and I’m in pain but tonight I’ve had a lovely dinner with my parents and my housemate near my house. I adore my parents. They aren’t great with open displays of emotion but I bloody love them. We get on and have a good laugh together all the time and it’s actually the third time I’ve seen them in a week which is very rare but very much appreciated.

When they gave me my birthday present I was very excited. They’ve given me a gift voucher for a skydive which has been on my list of things to do for a very long time. Ask me to go hang-gliding and I’ll tell you to bugger off but for some reason jumping out of a plane makes perfect sense to me and I can’t wait. I have until April next year to do it so I’ll be looking for volunteers to join me. Sadly it won’t be nude.

Nude Skydiving #3 from Naked Skydiving on Vimeo.