Today is my sister’s wedding anniversary. She’s been with her husband for 21 years and married for 15. My sister and I get on very well and while we are very similar in some regards, we are very different in others. She is the more “responsible” one and always has been. She’s good at that admin side of life that I’m so terrible at. She and her husband, who I get on with very well earn good money and own a nice house and have two fantastic kids, two dogs and tick all those boxes of things you are “supposed to do” in life.

Myself on the other hand, I don’t earn as much as I could or should. I’m terrible at the admin of life and I will probably never own property. It’s a definite that I won’t have kids as I don’t want to have any while I’m single and I’m not in a financial position to have them. I’m also one of those people that would have preferred to have them younger. That part I have no problem with. My niece and nephew are enough for me. My sister and I are envious of some aspects of each other’s lives. A home of my own would be great and I get jealous of that while she gets jealous of my freedom to do what I like. My sister and her husband don’t do much at all without the kids and their friends are the parents of my niece and nephew’s friends. They have no problem with that either but I know my sister would love to travel more but it’s just not as practical with kids.

The main thing I’m jealous of is a loving happy, stable relationship. Like all couples I assume they’ve had ups and downs but they love each other and they are happy. Fifteen years into a marriage and 21 into the relationship is a great feat especially these days when the divorce rate is at about 50%. My parents had their 45th anniversary this year and theirs is the relationship that I aspire to but I can’t even get to a good second date. It would be so lovely, but maybe it’s just not meant to be.