In just over a month, Aussielicious turns 10 years old. That’s right, I’ve been writing all my nonsense for a decade. There have been many lessons learnt in that decade. Don’t respond to trolls, just block them. Don’t blog angry. Don’t blog about friends. Listen fully to people’s opinions, especially when they are different to your own, that’s when you’ll learn more.

There have been a bajillion penises on this blog, lots of them sent in by the peen owners themselves and I’m very grateful for that. Recently my own made an appearance and it hasn’t cause any problems other than one good mate saying he’s now a little timid to drop by and have a read. Every now and then I’ve contemplated putting an end to my blogging career and it will happen one day but there are no immediate plans. Blogging costs me nothing and has given me so many good memories and fantastic interactions over the years.

In honour of the decade I want to run a competition but not sure what I will do. So this post is all about taking your suggestions on what can be done. What I do know is what I will be giving away as the prize and it’s good. Worth $500, I have a large print of the above image of Matteo which is 60cm wide x 90cm high (2’x3′) and is beautifully printed on archival paper. So leave your suggestions in the comments on what kind of competition I could run. It has to be easy to do and fairly fast as there is only about 34 days before the tenth anniversary of Aussielicious hitting the internet.