A mate of mine in a different city was telling me yesterday about a guy he was chatting to on Scruff. My friend, like me is fascinated by people’s fetishes and human nature/sexuality in general.

The guy he was talking to was having a day where he invited anonymous guys he’d found on Scruff (so possibly not totally anonymous) to come over and fuck him raw and dump their load in him. Now I get that some people are into that. I prefer to know who it is I’m having sex with. The really intriguing part of this scenario, that he’s played out in different cities around the world and several times in his city, is that he loves the idea of guys with HIV dumping a load in him. No, he’s not a bug chaser. He’s on PrEP and makes no requests about the actual viral load of the guys cumming inside him, just that he loves them to be HIV positive.

That to me raises some really fascinating questions about the psychology behind it. With bug chasers, I have always assumed possibly incorrectly that it’s a lack of self worth or wanting to belong to some kind of messed up club. This guy though wants to have HIV positive loads but not get HIV. Is he trying to cheat death or something? Is he trying to be superhuman and his superpower is not getting HIV? That’s not that difficult these days with HIV treatments and PrEP. Maybe I’m being harsh but this fetish sounds a little messed up.