This morning’s photo shoot was in danger of not happening. The weather here in Sydney has been wet the last few days and last night it was very wet so we set our alarms with the prospect of going back to bed if it was still raining. Thankfully the weather held off and we managed to get some good shots.

Mitch had never done a photo shoot before, let alone nude being photographed by a stranger. Thankfully his nerves weren’t so bad that he called it all off, instead doing everything I asked him to do and not freaking out. He was absolutely fantastic to work with. His girlfriend came along and helped ease his nerves but she was pushing to do some frontal which I had no intention of doing. The poor guy was nervous enough as it was without doing that. Besides, we’d had to wade through water to get to the location and it was a chilly morning and I doubt he would have agreed to it even if he wasn’t nervous. No one looks their most impressive after a dunking in cold water.

I’m toying with the idea of turning the cape/blanket thing into a deep rich red but I’m not sure if that will add to, or detract from the image. Who knows. There is no deadline for any of this and it’s for my own entertainment. The theme behind this shoot was that Mitch was supposed to be a reluctant prince. He had run off into the woods to escape his royal responsibilities and avoiding growing up. I’m toying with the sadness of having to grow up being the theme behind the next series… just toying with it.