There’s a guy that lives near me that I’ve met a few times through friends at parties. We aren’t friends but acquaintances to the point where we can say hi in the street. The problem is that sometimes he does and other times he pretends I’m not there. Now I’m not after a long conversation or even much more than a hi or a nod of acknowledgement.

That kind of inconsistency really drives me nuts. We both know that we know each other. Is he just forgetting on some days? If that’s the case why did he unlock his private album on Scruff for me? Granted he still didn’t say hi then either, just unlocked his photos. Sadly I couldn’t see all of them and when I responded and thanked him, he didn’t respond again. So now I’m left wondering if he’s interested in me but shy about it or if he was just horny and felt like a bit of validation from someone. That’s far from uncommon on the apps.

This guy isn’t what I would generally describe as my type but he is very attractive and I’d love to photograph him but now I don’t want to ask because it could make things even more odd. Why are people, and gay men in particular, so good at playing games. Not knowing where I stand is one of the things that drives me insane the most easily.