A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with one of my former models who lives in a different state. He just casually dropped into the conversation “Did I tell you I got circumcised?” This is a man that is 25 and got it done for aesthetic reasons. I was circumcised at a few weeks old so I have no recollection of it, any pain or any issue with it. It’s what I know. I’ve often wondered if I would have had a nice foreskin if it was still attached to my body but only since I came out and started playing with other cocks.

If a foreskin is causing problems from being too tight or for whatever reason then I can understand getting it removed but for purely aesthetic reasons, I don’t quite understand. Granted, nor do I understand the guys trying to grow them back and claiming to remember the pain and trauma of being circumcised as babies. That leaves me feeling a touch cynical.

Of course, having the friends that I do, my friend sent me photos of his newly healed and trimmed cock. It’s quite a lovely cock but then I thought it was nice before he had the chop.