Several weeks ago I took some photos for a Personal Trainer that I know as a favour for him. As payment he has written me a new training program for the gym. He initially said some free training sessions which would have been great but he doesn’t train near where I live and visa versa so I said just write me a program which I sorely needed as my training, while doing a fair bit, wasn’t feeling effective.

Clearly it wasn’t effective at all. I started the new training routine this week and for most of the week I’ve been in pain from the workout. It may be that I’m working different combinations of muscles and just shaking things up but my god it feels like it’s doing so much more. I’ve often seen the more dedicated gym-goers on my friends list on facebook saying that they can barely walk on leg day and thought I must be doing something wrong. All that changed on Thursday when I realised just how many stairs there are in our office. We have two photo studios in our office and between the two there are 39 stairs to go up and down. Normally I run up and down them, but not for the last couple of days.

Here’s hoping all this muscle fatigue and soreness is going to do wonders. This week I’m house sitting for my sister so won’t be able to train but I’m going to focus on really getting my diet together and then hitting the new program hard again the week after as well as the diet.